Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mystery In New Mexico. Was it a crash of something black?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mystery In New Mexico. Was it a crash of something black?

Yesterday afternoon (approximately 12:00 AM MDT) the USAF notified the FAA that a TFR (Temporary Flight Restrictions) box was needed over a remote area of Western New Mexico.

The text of the TFR HERE read:


On the surface it may indicate a crash of a military aircraft in the area and search and rescue efforts are underway, but what makes it unusual is that the TFR has been put in place for a full month. 

This may indicate that something either toxic or sensitive crashed in the area, with the possibilities ranging from a secret aircraft type, a satellite reentry or something carrying nuclear materials.

I talked to an air traffic controller who works at ZAB (under the conditions of anonymity) and he remarked that the USAF isn't giving out any information on why the TFR is in place except they requested that if any unauthorized civil aircraft violated the airspace they wanted to be notified of type and tail and the ultimate destination.

The TFR is in a very remote area and not very accessible to the public but it is in the middle of the RESERVE MOA and several military training routes go right through that area. It also isn't far from the White Sands Missile Range to the SE.

Searches on the Internet can find no reports of crashed aircraft or incident reports coming out of the area and inquiries by the press are not being answered. If it's an SAR exercise - why is the USAF not talking? If it's something innocuous - as it may turn out to be- why not just say so?

In light of that, and with the rising interest by the mainstream press, expect the USAF to issue a press release soon.

Whether it's the truth or tantamount to being the modern day equivalent of a "crashed weather balloon" story is yet to be seen.

Nothing to see here - go back to your homes.

Stay tuned - more on this story as it unfolds.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Ghosts of Waverly Hills

waverly hills

The Ghosts of Waverly Hills

Though the U.S. is home to dozens of abandoned hospitals, each with a reputation for ghosts, one facility stands out from the rest: Waverly Hills. The former sanatorium regularly tops “most haunted” rankings and has appeared on just about every ghost hunting show in America. Here’s why the hospital has become so popular among fans of the paranormal.

The History

waverly hills sanatoriumWaverly Hills Sanatorium opened its doors on July 26, 1910 and housed thousands of patients suffering from tuberculosis. The facility originally accommodated between 40 and 50 patients, but expanded to hold over 400 at a time.
Waverly operated for over 50 years, but a new antibiotic drastically eliminated tuberculosis cases, and the hospital closed its doors in 1962. A renovated Waverly reopened as Wood Haven Medical Services a year later, but closed in 1980 after officials found appalling evidence of patient neglect.
Though death estimates vary widely, at least 6,000 people died at Waverly Hills during its 50+ years in operation. Patients often suffered through agonizing treatments during their time at Waverly, including electroshock therapy and experimental surgeries that involved collapsing a lung. The practice of placing heavy sandbags on a patient’s chest was also common. More often than not, the excruciating treatments were not effective.


Now a tourist attraction, Waverly Hills is reportedly home a number of ghosts. There are the standard haunted tales of disembodied screams, moans, and shadow people, as well as stories that are unique to the hospital. One of these tales involves a ball-rolling child named Timmy.
Legend has it Timmy was a six or seven-year-old boy who died at Waverly but has yet to move on. Visitors often bring toy balls to the hospital and invite the ghostly child to play. The balls sometimes move, seemingly of their own volition, but critics say a draft or an uneven floor is to blame for the movement, not a ghost child.
ghost boy
The ghost of Timmy?

Room 502

Another creepy legend involves a pregnant nurse who allegedly committed suicide in Room 502. Some tales claim a doctor impregnated the nurse and then wanted nothing to do with her. Devastated, the woman hanged herself from an exposed pipe or light fixture. Other versions claim it was the hospital’s owner who impregnated the woman and that she jumped from the room rather than hanging herself. Regardless of the tale, many Waverly visitors are convinced that an anguished entity lurks in Room 502.
ghost picture waverly hills
Alleged ghost of former patient Mary Lee

The Death Tunnel

An underground tunnel leads from Waverly’s main entrance to the bottom of a steep hill some 500 feet (or 150 meters) down. Staff used the tunnel to receive supplies in the winter when the hill was both inconvenient and difficult for suppliers to ascend. However, it’s likely that doctors also used the tunnel to get rid of bodies. One legend claims that tuberculosis claimed one patient per hour during the height of the epidemic and that doctors used the tunnel to remove the dead without upsetting the living.
The so-called “death tunnel” is now a paranormal hotspot, visitors say, complete with eerie shadows, unexplained footsteps, and disembodied voices. It’s also known among investigators for providing chilling EVPs.
Charlie and Tina Mattingly, the current owners of Waverly Hills, plan to turn the facility into a four-star hotel catering to history buffs and those intrigued by the supernatural. Some worry the transformation will eliminate the spooks, but given Waverly’s paranormal reputation, it seems unlikely the ghosts will be scared off by a little noise and dust.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The 'Hello Globe' -- Uncomfortable Close Encounter

The 'Hello Globe' -- Uncomfortable Close Encounter -- Rare Giant Oarfish Found Off California Coast

The 'Hell Globe'

A UFO "Hell Globe" was witnessed flying over Biel Benne, Switzerland on 7 October 2013.

Similar sightings of bizarre fireballs have been reported from across the globe. In the UK, these fireballs have been referred to as ‘Hell Globes’ and they were reportedly associated with cattle mutilations.

Here is a detailed report obtained from American Monsters, which provides us with a lot of information about these fireballs, and the alleged cattle mutilations associated with them.

American Monsters documents: “On an autumn evening in 1965, a group of British youths were cruising the town when one of them had a terrifying encounter with a fiery fiend that would leave him scarred for life.” This reported fiery fiend had emerged out of an orange glowing UFO. Glowing UFOs have been reported internationally.

The sighting occurred in Felixstowe which is a port town in northern England.

“The bustling hub offers a plethora of fascinating sights, but none so strange as the one seen by a trio of friends who were joy riding through the town on their way toward Essex at approximately 10:30 pm. on the evening of September 20, 1965.”

A group of joyriding youths consisting of the driver, 25 year-old Geoffrey Maskey, and his passengers, Mavis Fordyce and Michael Johnson had decided to pull over on the curb near a tree lined Walton Avenue.

“The youngsters were engaged in lively conversation when Johnson abruptly opened the car door and walked out into the murky night.”

Fordyce and Maskey were perplexed as their friend vanished into the blackness of the forest, but assumed that he must be answering “nature’s call.”

Just moments after, the youths began to overhear a “high-pitched humming” sound.

“Fordyce grew anxious as the disconcerting sound began overwhelming them and Maskey leaned out the window to try and ascertain the origin of the annoying noise.”

It was then that the youths spotted the glowing orange UFO, that is somewhat reminiscent of the description provided on orange UFOs today.

“The youths spied an oval-shaped, orange object suspended in the sky over 90-feet above his car; and it was glowing so brightly that it bathed the surrounding countryside in its eerie orange glow.”

The UFO then abruptly left the area.

“Without warning, the humming object shot away from the vehicle and vanished beyond the trees. The pair stared at each other in silent astonishment, when it suddenly dawned on them that Johnson was still in the woods… and that he might no longer be alone.

American Monsters further described the effort to find their missing comrade.

“The apprehensive duo — both of whom were reticent to leave the car and wander into the forest wherein the UFO and their friend were lurking — began shouting their Johnson’s name to no avail.”

Johnson then suddenly emerged from the wooded area.

“He staggered into the road with a dazed expression adorning his face. Maskey hoped that he was just having a go at them, but as soon as Johnson collapsed in the middle of the street he knew that this was no laughing matter.”

Fordyce and Maskey wasted time in exiting the vehicle to their friend’s aid even though they were frightened and in shock.

“They found Johnson laying motionless on the asphalt, totally unconscious.”

Fordyce and Johnson with the friend they rescued sped away from the forbidding forest and the strange orange light toward the nearby Felixstowe hospital

“Once at the hospital Johnson regained consciousness, but he was suffering from amnesia and could not recognize the friends who had rescued him, much to their dismay.”

American Monsters further documents that the doctors on duty diagnosed Johnson as having succumbed to a serious shock.

Johnson also sustained physical trauma from the UFO encounter.

“Doctors noted that he had unusual burn marks on the back of his neck and a contusion above his right ear.”

The alarmed doctors decided to transfer Johnston to a better equipped hospital.

“The doctors then decided that it would be prudent to transfer Johnson to the hospital of Ipswich, which was far better equipped to deal with Johnson’s injuries and psychological condition.

Johnson recovered his memory loss the next day.

“The following day Johnson recovered his senses and when his friends came to visit them he told them of his harrowing encounter with an ostensibly alien entity in the woods.”

Johnson then detailed his abduction by an apparent inter-dimensional regressive alien.

“Johnson claimed that when he abruptly got out of the car the night before he was compelled to do so by an unknown “force,” which insisted that he go into the woods.”

The abductee remembered under what circumstances he left his friend’s vehicle, and then described details about the alien associated with the orange glowing UFO.

“Johnson told his friends and doctors that he was forced to walk into the dark forest — although he was unable to recall exactly how far — where he encountered what he described as a humanoid being with the large sloping eyes that were glowing in the darkness.”

The abductee further described details about the alien humanoid.”

“[T]he odd creature was engulfed by orange flames. It was at that point that he blacked out.”

The alien abductee swore that he had no memories of what transpired next, until he woke up the following morning in a hospital bed. Doctors were sceptical and the newspaper reporters from the Ipswich Evening Star who published the strange account on 21 September 1965 were dumbfounded.

“Johnson’s friends — who had bore witness to the fiery, egg-shaped UFO with their own eyes — believed their buddy and knew all too well that something strange and terrifying had transpired in the woods near Walton Avenue that dark night.”

An illustration of the apparent demonic alien entity was included with the American Monsters report of the reported alien abduction encounter.

American Monsters concluded that: “Whether or not this creature was a UFO pilot from 'out of this world' or a demonic entity hailing from the supernatural landscape that dwells beyond mythology, the burn scars on Johnson’s neck serve as a testament to this truly bizarre event.”

On 25 April 2010 the British Telegraph reported that farmers near Shrewsbury claimed to have witnessed sheep being “lasered” by unidentified light orange UFOs.

They have linked the unexplained incidents, where sheep’s brains and eyes were removed, to the mysterious orange lights in the sky.

The farmers detailed the mutilations associated with the orange UFOs.

In the article titled “Unexplained sheep attacks 'caused by aliens in UFOs', farmers claim”, the British Telegraph noted that the farmers found sheep with “neat holes” while their brains and other internal organs were removed.

Other animals have lost eyes or had their flesh ‘carefully stripped away‘, usually on the left side as a result with contact from “mysterious orange lights in the sky“.

The British farmers found sheep with “neat holes” while their brains and other internal organs were removed. The British Telegraph elaborated that: “Other animals have lost eyes or had their flesh “carefully stripped away”, usually on the left side.”

Phil Hoyle, 53, traced the mutilations to orange globe UFOs in a 50-mile "corridor" between Shrewsbury and Powys. Mr. Hoyle elaborated that: “The technology involved in these attacks is frightening,” and that “these lights and spheres are clearly not ours”; and that the UFOs “are built by technology and intelligence that's not from here.” - Agora Cosmopolitan

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


It's been nearly 50 years since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Questions still remain about whether Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone or was part of a larger conspiracy.
Now there's new evidence about that fateful day. It comes from a book called "The Kennedy Half-Century," written by professor Larry Sabato, director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia.
From the moment shots rang out in Dealey Plaza the search for definitive answers in the Kennedy assassination has proved elusive. Was Oswald acting alone, or was he a member of a conspiracy?
The 888-page Warren Report issued in 1964 found no evidence that anyone assisted Oswald in planning or carrying out the assassination. The report had many critics and conspiracy theories multiplied over the years. Hundreds of books have been published about the case and dozens of documentaries and films, most notably Oliver Stone's 1991 Academy Award-winning film "JFK." But the strongest official confirmation for conspiracy buffs came in 1979 when the House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded that President Kennedy was "probably assassinated as the result of a conspiracy." A key piece of evidence was an audio recording that the committee believed captured the sound of four gunshots being fired. One of the gunshots apparently came from a second location, the so-called Grassy Knoll, a patch of land that was ahead of the president's limousine.

This year, political scientist Larry Sabato had the tapes re-analyzed using state-of-the-art technology. He says they do not capture gunshots at all, but the sounds of an idling motorcycle and the rattling of a microphone.
Sabato also says analysis of the recordings showed the sounds -- which were of police radio transmissions -- were not from Dealey Plaza, but from a location more than two miles away.
A new poll conducted as part of the book found 75 percent of Americans still reject the Warren Commission's conclusion that Oswald acted alone.
Sabato said on "CBS This Morning" his book has completely blown the 1979 House Select Committee on Assassinations report "out of the water." He added, "Their evidence simply does not hold. And they concluded there was a conspiracy. Does it mean that no one encouraged Oswald or that Oswald had no compatriots working with him? I can't say that for sure because the Warren Commission was also deeply flawed. They made so many mistakes in their process, they didn't interview key witnesses that I interviewed 50 years after the assassination and I was stunned to find out they weren't part of that study."
Sabato said he believes Oswald was the gunman who shot both President Kennedy and Gov. Connally. "If anyone else participated beyond the picket fence on the Grassy Knoll, they either missed or didn't fire," he said.
However, Sabato said we're never going to know what really happened. "If we can go 100 years into the future, I guarantee you whatever replaces television, there will be documentaries proposing new theories about the Kennedy assassination," he said.
He continued, "That's because the Warren Commission did not go down the hot trails when we had the chance to interview the right people. They could have done it but essentially they were lied to by the CIA, the president at the time, Lyndon Johnson did not want a thorough study, and so we didn't get one. It was on a political timetable with a political conclusion that Oswald acted alone."
Investigators were under pressure to report and report quickly, Sabato said. "They may have gotten their conclusions right, but it was such a flawed process," he said. "And this is the murder of a young president. This is the youngest president ever elected. The youngest to die. We needed a thorough investigation and the American people would have waited and paid whatever was necessary to get it."
Sabato called both the government investigations -- the Warren Report and the House Select Committee on Assassinations report -- "flawed."
"When you really get into the details, it is amazing how many pieces don't fit. Just to cite one, right after the president was shot, some Dallas policemen ran up the Grassy Knoll and they encountered people who had Secret Service credentials. They let them go. They had their guns drawn. They let them go. You know what they found out since? There were no Secret Service agents in Dealey Plaza, they were all with the motorcade. They went with the motorcade to Parkland. Who were these people?"
Asked about other conspiracy theories, Sabato said he can believe anything, but the problem is "where is the proof?" He said, "In the end, you have to have proof. What could stand up in a courtroom?"
In addition to the theories surrounding his death, Sabato turned to other discussion from his book, including his assertion that Kennedy would not have survived his presidency because of his thin security detail. "John F. Kennedy loved to mix with people," Sabato said. "There would be crowds of hundreds of thousands and they would engulf him with virtually no security. It's amazing he lasted until Nov. 22."

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All They Meant to Do Was Go Fishing The Pascagoula Incident!

All They Meant to Do Was Go Fishing
The Pascagoula Incident
Charles Hickson/Calvin Parker Abduction Case
October 11, 1973
Charles Hickson & Calvin Parker
I can tell you here and now, and God is my witness and l believe in God, that when 1 die I'll tell everybody what I saw. And it'll be the same story.
---Charlie Hickson

By Sunday night the newspeople had left Pascagoula. Dr. Hynek was on his way back to Chicago, Dr. Harder to Berkeley. By then, the entire country knew what had happened to Charlie Hickson and Calvin Parker. 
It was a strange moment to be in Pascagoula-like arriving on the scene right after a disaster. People corn- pared it with the time Hurricane Camile struck the coast. Tough-minded sheriffs needed to talk about what had happened. Maybe a week later, when things had returned to normal, I wouldn't have been invited to the sheriff's office to hear and record the taped interview made barely three hours after Calvin and Charlie saw the flashing blue light. It was the first time in any major UFO encounter that the witnesses' testimony was recorded so swiftly, and on tape. 
I tried to imagine Charlie and Calvin's feelings as they told their story. I had seen their condition: two men on the borderline of collapse who had been through an experience for which nothing on earth could have prepared them. 
The interview was conducted by Sheriff Fred Diamond and Captain Glen Ryder at approximately eleven o'clock Thursday evening. It began with Charlie's voice saying: 
· . . even though I'll be the laughing stock of the country, I'll tell what I seen, and the experience I've had... 
What did you say your namc was? 
Charles Hickson. H-i-c-k-s-o-n. Even though they laugh me out of Jackson County, I'll do what I know is right. That's all I can do. And I don't expect anybody to believe it. It's just unbelievable. 
There was a weight in Charlie's voice. As though he was having to push the words up, heave them out. 
We just have to know what happened. What happened to y'all from the very beginning. 
Well, this'll be the third time. 
We just want to make sure. To hear your story. That's what convinced us. 
OK. OK. Calvin and me, this boy-he works with me-we went down below the grain elevator along the river. We caught a few haidheads down there, a couple of croakers, not much. So I said to Calvin, son, let's go up by the old Shaupeter Shipyard. I've caught redfish in there, and speckled trout- 
Is he your son? 
No, no. He's just a friend. He's from Jones County. That's where I'm reared from. I've got a farm and a home up there. Well, so we went over there to try a little while. We set there fishing. I don't know how- I guess we must've seen the thing the same time. It's a blue light. It circled a bit- 
How high was it? 
You couldn't hardly tell. It wasn't too close. But ft wasn't no two-three miles away. It was pretty close. 
And a blue light-you're surprised when you look in the sky and you see a blue light. It really calls your attention to it. Then in just a little while, it come right down above the bayou. You know, about two- three feet above the ground. 
How close was it? 
Twenty-five, thirty yards. But it might have been thirty-five, forty yards. You see something like that, it scare you to death! And I couldn't believe it. I started to head for the river- 
Was there a noise to it? 
A little buzzin' sound-nnnnnnnn, nnnnnnnn-just like that, that's all. Wasn't any back blast or anything. And, you think you dreamin' about something like that, you know. And I started to hit the river, man. And Calvin just-he went hysterical. 
What's Calvin's last name? 
It's Parker. Calvin Parker, Junior. He's got his father's name. 
Charlie paused a moment, then went on: 
So we was right on the river. It didn't hit the ground. It hovered. And all of a sudden-right in the end of it-this opening was laid up there, and three of them just floated out of the thing. They wasn't on no ground. 
They didn't have feet? 
No, they didn't have toes. But they had feet shape... It was more or less just a roundlike thing on a leg-if you'd call it a leg... I was scared to death. And me with a spinnin' reel out there-it's all I had. I couldn't-well, I was so scared-well, you can't imagine. Calvin done went hysterical on me- 
Then what happened? They walk on up to you? 
They just-no, they just glided up there to me. Then one of 'em made a little buzzin' noise, and two of 'em never made no noise. 
What kind of noise? 
Just ZZZZZZ zzzZzZZZ. 
It sound like a machine? 
Yeah, like that. It might have been contactin' the others. See, I don't know. By then I was so damn scared I didn't know anything. And two of 'em just floated around behind me and lifted me off the ground. 
By your arms? 
By my arms. With their pincher things. They must of done something. I just raised off the gound. 
They didn't use no force though? 
No force. They didn't hurt me. I didn't feel nothin'. 
How was your buddy doin' then? 
He just passed out on me. And they glided me into that thing. You know, how you just guide somebody. All of us moved like we were floatin' through air. When I got in there, they had me, you know, they just kind of had me there. There were no seats, no chain, they just moved me around. I couldn't resist them, I just floated-felt no sensation, no pain. They kept me in that position a little while, then they'd raise me back up. 
You said they had some kind of instrument on you, didn't you? 
Some kind of instrument I don't know what it was. I didn't see anything that I could call an instrument that I've ever seen before. 
What did it look like? Could you describe it? 
I just couldn't describe it. 
Was it like an X-ray machine? 
No it wasn't like no X-ray machine. There ain't no way to describe it. It looked like an eye. Like a big eye. It had some kind of an attachment to it. It moved. It looked like a big eye. And it went all over my body. Up and down. And then they left me. 
They left you inside the machine? 
Left me right by myself. And the position they had me in-I couldn't move. Just my eyes could move. And I don't know how long they left me. I don't even know if I stayed conscious but I think I did. And then they came back. 
How long did they leave you? 
I don't know. I never wear no watch. 
How long would you say? 
I'd say twenty to thirty minutes. Then, when they came back, they laid me back over again. 
You didn't try to talk to 'em, ask 'em what was going on? 
Yes--I did! But I'd get a buzzin' sound out of one of 'em. That's all. They didn't pay me no attention, my talkin' or anything. 
How many eyes did they have? 
There could have been eyes but I didn't see any. But there was something that came straight out more or less where a nose would be on a human bein's face. 
They have any hair? 
I don't know. I just swear I don't know. That's blank in my mind. 
You looked at 'em didn't you? Did they breathe? 
I swear I don't know. 
How tall were they? 
They were about five feet tall. 
They didn't have no kind of clothes on or nothing? 
Not so's I noticed. 
And you can't tell me what color they was? 
Man, you scared as I was- 
Was they white-ooking? Pale? Blue? Green? 
Best I remember, they looked palelike to me- 
Wrinkled skin? 
It might have been. It looked kind of like a skin fit. They might've had something on, they might not've. I don't know. 
You say below the nose there was an opening? 
Like a slit-and I never saw that openin' move. And they had something on each side of the head that resembled ears, but didn't look like ears that we know. And the head-I didn't see any neck. It looked like it just sit there on a body. 
Was this right after dark? 
It wasn't too long after dark. 
Well, why you waitin' till this time of night to call us? 
Well, Mr. Fred, when I got out of there, I knowed nobody wouldn't believe me. I went by the Mississippi Press, beat on the door. This colored guy was sittin' at the desk. I said I wanted to see a reporter. He said there won't be no reporter till morning. I thought about it again. If I call the sheriff's department they won't believe me. If I call the police department they won't believe me- 
Well, how'd you know unless you tried? 
Well, I apologize for that. That's my thinking. 
How much did you have to drink? 
I hadn't drank anything, but in the forty-five minutes to an hour before I called you all, I did drink! I had to settle my nerves. I just about went crary. And I gotta get back and let my wife know. She's probably hysterical now. 
Your wife's all right. You remember leaving? 
Leavin' where? 
The ship. When they put you out. 
The only thing I remember is that kid, Calvin, just standing there. I've never seen that sort of fear on a man's face as I saw on Calvin's. It took me a while to get him back to his senses, and the first thing I told him was, Son, ain't nobody gonna believe this. Let's just keep this whole thing to ourselves. Well, the more I thought about it, the more I thought I had to let some officials know 
What they do after they let you go? 
There was a buzzin' sound, and it was gone.
Can you describe the vehicle? 
Yes, I can. It was about eight feet tall. It wasn't round. It was oblong, sort of oblong, and the opening it had was at one end of it. The only lights I seen on the outside was that blue light. 
Inside, what lights they have? 
I didn't see no bulbs or anything. It just glowed light. But it was real bright. 
Charlie told how he's tried to call Keesler Air Force Base and how they told him to call the sheriff. There were a few more questions and the interview was over. 
Sheriff Diamond asked Charlie to come back in the morning to make a complete statement. Charlie said he didn't want any publicity, and he didn't want to get his family upset. Then Diamond and Captain Ryder went out and left the two men alone in the room with the tape recorder still rwuung. 
Charlie's voice was shaky as he said to Calvin: "I can't take much more of that" And Calvin sounded frantic. 
CALVIN: I got to get home and get to bed or get some nerve pills or see the doctor or something. I can't stand it. I'm about to go half crazy. 
CHARLIE:: I tell you, when we through, I'll get you something to settle you down so you can get some damn sleep. 
CALVIN: I can't sleep yet like it is. I'm just damn near crazy. 
CHARLIE: Well, Calvin, when they brought you out-when they brought me out of that thing, goddamn it I like to never in hell got you straightened out. 
His voice rising, Calvin said, "My damn arms, my arms, I remember they just froze up and I couldn't move. Just like I stepped on a damn rafflesnake." 
"They didn't do me that way," sighed Charlie. 
Now both men were talking as if to themselves. 
CALVIN: I passed out. I expect I never passed out in my whole life. 
CHARLIE: I've never seen nothin' like that before in my life. You can't make people believe- 
CALVIN: I don't want to keep sittin' here. I want to see a doctor- 
CHARLIE: They better wake up and start believin'... they better start believin'. 
CALVIN: You see how that damn door come right up? 
CHARLIE: I don't know how it opened, son. I don't know. 
CALVIN: It just laid up and just like that those son' bitches-just like that they come out. 
CHARLIE: I know. You can't believe it. You can't make people believe it- 
CALVIN: I paralyzed right then. I couldn't move- 
CHARLIE: They won't believe it. They gonna believe it one of these days. Might be too late. I knew all along they was people from other worlds up there. I knew all along. I never thought it would happen to me. 
CALVIN: You know yourself I don't drink' 
CHARLIE: I know that, son. When I get to the house I'm gonna get me another drink, make me sleep. Look, what we sittin' around for. I gotta go tell Blanche... what we waitin' for? 
CALVIN (panicky): I gotta go to the house. I'm gettin' sick. I gotta get out of here. 
Then Charlie got up and left the room, and Calvin was alone. 
CALVIN: It's hard to believe . . . Oh God, it's awful... I know there's a God up there... 
His words, as he prayed, became inaudible. 
The Pascagoula case is not unique. As Dr. Hynek has pointed out, people around the world have, for years, been experiencing "close encounters" with bizarre craft, and, in many cases, contact with "occupants." 
But this was the first time I had seen for myself the profoundly disturbing effect of a UFO encounter on two ordinary human beings. It was impossible to be with Charlie and Calvin-or listen to that tape-and not believe that something terrifying had happened to them. 
And yet what happened in Pascagoula seems to be part of a mystery that is at least as old as man himself. 
SOURCE: BEYOND EARTH: Man's Contact With UFOs, Ralph & Judy Blum, 29-36


The strange case of nineteen-year-old Calvin Parker, and forty-two-year-old Charles Hickson actually began a day before their famous encounter. On October 10, 1973, fifteen different people, including two policemen reported seeing a large, silver UFO slowly fly over a housing project in St. Tammany Parish, New Orleans, Louisiana.
Only a scant 24 hours later, Hickson and Parker would have the scare of their lives; a frightening encounter with an eerie UFO.

The two men were both from the town of Gautier, Mississippi, and were doing some fishing in the Pascagoula River on a dark night about 9:00 P.M. They suddenly heard a type of buzzing behind them.
Both men turned around to see the source of the sound, and were amazed to see a glowing, egg-shaped object with bluish lighting on its front side.

The unusual craft was hovering just a few feet above the ground, and about 30 feet from the shore of the river. To their unbelief, a door opened in the object, and three strange beings began to float just above the water straight toward them. Though the beings had legs, they did not use them, they simply floated across the river.

Parker and Hickson would later describe the beings as "about five feet tall, had bullet-shaped heads without necks, slits for mouths, and where their noses or ears would be, they had thin, conical objects sticking out, like carrots from a snowman's head. They had no eyes, grey, wrinkled skin, round feet, and claw-like hands."

Hickson, frozen in fear and unbelief, was grabbed by two of these creatures, and the third one took Parker, who fainted from fright. Hickson would later relate that when the beings put their arms under his body to support him, he felt numb all over. He was then floated into a a brightly-lit room inside of the UFO. Inside this room, he floated, along with an eye-like device which examined him all over.
Hickson-Parker, 1973After his ordeal, Hickson was left floating, while the beings left the room, probably to examine Parker. Approximately 20 minutes after the ordeal had begun, it was over, and Hickson was floated back outside of the strange craft. Parker was crying, and praying on the ground. Only a moment or two later, the craft rose straight up into the air and disappeared.
As the two men began to regain their composure, they were uncertain as to what they should do. Reluctant to report their harrowing experience, they felt obligated to tell someone. Despite fearing ridicule, they telephoned Kessler Air Force Base in Biloxi. Kessler referred their problem to their local sheriff's office.
Afraid of what reaction they might get from law enforcement, they opted instead to drive to their local newspaper. Finding the office closed, they decided to take their bizarre story to the sheriff after all. Naturally the sheriff felt the two men's story was some kind of hoax, and to get to the truth, he put Hickson and Parker into a room which was wired for sound, hoping that they would slip up, and reveal why they were perpetuating such a strange tale.
Calvin Parker Depiction, Pascagoula Alien Charles Hickson
Soon news of the event began to surface. The local press released the story first; quickly followed by the wire services. Within a few days, the Pascagoula incident was major news all over the USA. The Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO), sent University of California professor James Harder to investigate; Dr. J. Allen Hynek, representing the US Air Force, also arrived to look into the story. Harder and Hynek interviewed Hickson and Parker together. Harder hypnotized Hickson, but he became so frightened that the session had to be aborted. The two abductees were encouraged to take a lie-detector test, which they both passed. Harder and Hynek, both highly respected in their professions, believed the two men's story.
At a later date, Hynek stated; "There was definitely something here that was not terrestrial".
In what may be a related incident, a couple of weeks after this chilling account, Coast Guardsmen and fishermen had an encounter with an underwater metallic object.
This strange object had an amber light on it, and the Guard chased it in the Pascagoula River. The object was close enough to touch, but each time it was prodded with a large boat hook, it would turn off its light, move a distance away, and turn its light back on. This unusual encounter lasted about 40 minutes before the craft disappeared.
The Pascagoula encounter is one of the most unusual accounts of all UFO reports. Though the sighting and abduction involved only two witnesses, there were several other sightings of unusual flying objects on the same night. The two men have held to their story, though no earthly explanation has been offered for the strange events of the night of October, 11, 197

'UFO Abductee' Still Haunted 40 Years On!!!!!!!!!! TRUE STORY!

Forty years ago, the Pascagoula incident, in which two men said they encountered an unidentified flying object and its occupants, made headlines across America and sparked a new wave of reports of UFO sightings.

Now, the sole survivor of the case says he is still grappling with an encounter that turned his life upside down.
Calvin Parker Jr said he harboured doubts about his encounter with what he said were grey, wrinkly-skinned and crab-clawed creatures. He dodged the spotlight for decades.

"This is something I really didn't want to happen," Mr Parker told the AP news agency.
He has spent decades moving around and changing jobs to avoid the unwanted attention.
Mr Parker was 18 when, on October 11, 1973, he went fishing with his friend, the late Charles Hickson, along the banks of the Pascagoula river in coastal Mississippi.

The two said a UFO with blue lights swooped down, making a zipping noise.
Mr Hickson, then 42, said three creatures took them by the forearms and levitated them aboard the craft.
Then, something that looked like a large floating eye appeared to examine him.
They gave a thorough, I mean a thorough, examination to me just like any doctor would," Mr Parker said, adding that he was conscious, but paralysed.

And then the two were back on the banks on the river and the UFO was gone.
After Mr Hickson and Mr Parker reported what happened, they drew the nation's attention - from UFO enthusiasts to sceptics who questioned their story.

The case went on to become one of the most high-profile UFO stories in American history.
It sparked hundreds of reports of sightings, jokes and hoaxes - and even some books.

Above all, it rekindled interest in a subject that had first begun in the 1940s with an incident in New Mexico in which UFO enthusiasts believe the government got its hands on a crashed spacecraft and alien bodies.

The government has spent decades denying it.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


In the past few months rumors have swirled that members of the Roswell investigation team (this author included) had become aware of two photographic slides depicting an alien humanoid creature:
- This is true, and it is equally true that they may represent the first genuine physical evidence in support of the reality of a crash of a extraterrestrial beings near Roswell, NM over six decades ago.
-The stunning, historic photographs have been confirmed to have been  imaged on two Kodachrome slides dating from the year 1947, the year of the UFO crash.  
-There is no indication of retouching, digital enhancement or other photographic hoax technique.
-They are clear, in color, up close, and taken from two separate angles.
-These slides were found hidden in an attic in a chest having belonged to a deceased couple.
-This author made the incredible discovery that the husband was a very prominent petroleum geologist who conducted oil exploration expeditions in the 1940s in West TX and in New Mexico. This area also encompassed the Permian Basin, a region that includes Roswell, NM.
-Rather than depicting the popular culture image of aliens in the 1940s, they show the image of a small humanoid  alien, like those aliens described by witnesses to Roswell.
-Other photos found in the chest (separate from the two humanoid slides) depict General Eisenhower in 1947 and with the couple at meetings and parties with what appear to be very well-placed people.
-There is much more of this tale to tell
-No crash debris or the craft itself are shown, this is pure fiction.
-No member of the team owns, manages or controls the evidence in any way, and therefore has not made any media inquiries as rumored and makes no decisions on what is done or not done with such evidence.
-We do not in any way represent or speak for the owner of the evidence. We were only assisting him.
There was most certainly a leak in the investigation. Some people became aware of some of the elements of the story…and what some did with this is truly shameful. 
And others were reduced to name-calling in efforts to get us to talk.  I even received strange phone calls in the middle of the night demanding disclosure! People actually tried to extort information on this. It is clear that there are many who were simply jealous of our efforts and dislike the idea of a team.  They took a perverse pleasure in deliberately disrupting our continuing investigation. They do not see that they have caused tremendous harm to the pursuit of truth.
Why did they not wait until we had the time to understand more about the slide’s origin, provenance and chain-of-custody? And just why are we under any obligation to apprise strangers of things that we ourselves are still learning about?
Why was it so urgent for them to not first let us try to answer the many “who, what, where, whens , whys and hows” about these images that still remain before blabbering their mouths?
If we did not have these answers at the ready when the evidence was presented, we would be taken to task for not having those answers. We are damned if we do not pre-maturely release the information- and we would be damned if we did.
Why do some wish to bring down this aspect of the investigation and abort our sincere efforts? Are they so frustrated in not being able to see the images (some seem to being have mini-strokes and conniption fits because they have not) that they will do anything to make us release them? Do they seek fame at any cost? Do they not like us? Is it covetous behavior?
And when it was found out that Roswell researcher Kevin Randle still had concerns about the slides, the skeptics and mean-spirited wanted to drive a wedge further and deep within the team.  Kevin is entitled to his opinion. We remain civil and he is entitled to his thoughts. On this matter I am convinced that once he became privy to the evidence in a more direct way, he would have changed his mind.
People do not understand that the ‘team’ can have disagreements and still cooperate. They also do not appreciate that it is self-funded, takes time away from making a living, and its members are physically separated by thousands of miles. To then be further encumbered by an early onslaught of negativity before we have even completed our work on this evidence is simply unfair.
In order to salvage what little is left of privacy in this investigation (and to honor commitments to others) I will not answer questions relative to:
-The names of the involved geologist and his wife nor the owner of the slides; who authenticated them and how; when the chest was found and the name of who found it; and specifics on the humanoid’s appearance. Anyone who does release this sensitive information really does not care about history and truth, only themselves. They are not honorable and are fame seekers and worse.
-Who has seen the photos and when and where, how they are stored, etc.
-What stage we are at in the investigation; who was contacted during the investigation
-Speculation on the decision masking processes of the owner of the evidence
The owner of the slides certainly sees from afar the puerile and unprofessional behavior of some people.  And he sees judgment cast even before the evidence is shown. He is likely repulsed by such “UFO people” and has no desire to enter such a hellish lion’s den. And he will not use the underbelly of the internet to ever release something of such enormity and cosmic  import.