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The Fascinating Life of Cherry Hinkle

Cherry Hinkle is a UFO researcher with over 50 years of experience. She frequently contributes to books, articles, and blogs in the UFO community. Cherry supplies information to anyone who needs it, and surprised several writers by sending them in-depth UFO articles to help them complete their books. Since 1987, she has sent information to scores of writers and researchers, both domestic and international regarding the infamous underground Dulce Base. Cherry is happily married to Bill Hinkle and they live in Las Vegas, NV. She is on Facebook and is always pleased to share UFO information.
Adam Gorightly: Let’s begin with your earliest experiences with UFO's and ET's. I understand these experiences started in the early 1960's.
Cherry Hinkle:  I have been a contactee since a preschool child. Beings contacted me every two years; no matter if I lived in the United States or elsewhere. At the age of 8, I was reading the works of Madame Helene Blavatsky, and understanding the occult. The unusual and the paranormal was my average day.
By the early 1960’s I had already experienced enough unusual events that I felt confident I would never be unnerved by a strange event. But I was mistaken.

I experienced a strange event on the way to shopping one evening. I am sure you understand the confusion when you experience a medical type exam by small greys with large golden eyes - large enough to have their elongated eyes ‘wrap’ around the temple? Their flat faces, tiny mouths and large lumpy domed heads didn’t frighten me as much as their method to take me. I couldn’t move, couldn’t scream for help, I was totally paralyzed; only my thought were still active.
When an alien wearing black robes touched my shoulder and placed a coin-like disk on my forehead, I relaxed and no longer feared them.
Since the 1962 event several people have seen or met “Jahel” the alien in black robes. All four of my children experienced events with Jahel, and at least a couple visiting missionaries from the Mormon Church got the shock of their life when Jahel suddenly appeared in my living room. That was hard to explain, and the missionaries certainly left in a hurry.
I have enjoyed a fascinating life, and experienced many other events since that 1960s encounter.
AG: It is interesting that you mentioned the occult. My research has led me to suspect that the UFO phenomena is highly associated with the occult, and that many of these encounters may be the result of magic rituals conducted either wittingly or wittingly on the part of the observers/witnesses. In other words, UFO witness may play a large role in this experience, in terms of “calling down” the phenomena/craft, and of making these entities appear, whatever they may be. Your thoughts?
CH: There are certain things I am not at liberty to freely discuss regarding the occulted aspects of Dulce Base, but I’ll at least mention a few items. However, I believe I can freely mention my great-uncle William Wynn Westcott, my paternal grandmother’s uncle. W.W. Westcott founded the famed organization known as “Golden Dawn.” Since it is a family tradition I do understand the practices in Golden Dawn, as well as other secretive mystery schools such as the Rosicrucian’s.

I am sure you are familiar with the dark side of the alien story and that high strangeness smacks of ritualistic magical acts during the so called alien abductions. Items such as the nude physical examination while the human is strapped on the table/altar surrounded by the instrument-carried aliens, usually one unique being stands aside, merely watching the procedures. I must admit it does sound very much like the highest magical rituals. No one could deny the parallel courses of high magic and alien abduction.
The modern practice of “calling down” of the alien craft is very much like a primitive ritual, not too different than the ancient rituals used by the African Dogon tribe to communicate with the space beings from Sirius; some things never change. I wouldn’t be shocked to discover the Dogon shared an interest in the biblical Enoch and his fascinating books. Nor would be I surprised to find they have a basic understanding of the works of Dr. Wilhelm Reich. They might have different terms for Orgone Energy in Africa, but the same effects are unchanged.
AG: How did you come to know Thomas Castello, and what information did he pass on to you about the Dulce Base?
CH: It’s a long story Adam, and I’ll try to make it brief.
Back in 1962, Tom Castello was in the Air Force, and stationed at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, Nevada. Tinkering on his 1950 Packard car became his hobby, and in the process of ordering hand crafted modified car parts, he met my father, Charlie, a master machinist. Tom and dad shared the same fascination with UFOs, and spent hours debating all aspects of the unidentified flying objects. Within a few months dad introduced Tom to me, and he became a family friend.

Tom and I quickly became close friends - no romance, just friends; I stood up for him when Tom married Cathy. We started investigating UFO cases together and submitted the reports to a secretive UFO group known as the Central Unit. Then Tom left the Air Force and accepted work with the Rand Corporation in California. Within a few months he transferred to Los Alamos – and Dulce Base. He worked as the head of security in Dulce Base for two years, until in October 1979, when there was a fatal conflict inside the 7 leveled genetic facilities.
The day after the conflict, Tom reentered the Base through air ventilation shaft in one of the ice caves in New Mexico. When he left Dulce Base Tom brought out photos, documents, diagrams and his spare flash-gun, an awesome weapon.
Ultimately Tom asked me to help him find a safe place to hide the items he gathered. I knew the exact place – a rugged mountain in Arizona, a place my son and I have visited a few times. That mountain was remote and difficult to climb. Together Tom and I buried a box of the materials, confident no one would accidently stumble across the box. By then, Tom was on the run, trying to stay one step ahead of the group that determined to reclaim the missing materials and capture or kill him.
In 1987 Tom asked me to find a trustworthy person to help expose Dulce Base and the horrid experiments going on in that underground place. I tried a lot of people, but finally the best person was the well known John Lear, here in Las Vegas. Starting with a few sketches and a one page description of the items in the buried box, John did an exceptional job of getting the material out in a short period of time. I will always hold John Lear in high regard for his exceptional work in exposing Dulce Base. Those few pages – with the sketches, comprise “The Dulce Papers.”

The last time I saw Tom in late 1990, he asked me to promise I would complete his work for him, if something happened to him. I suggested he find someone else, because I am reclusive and he needed someone more aggressive, more outgoing. But he insisted he trusted me and knew I wouldn’t let him down. I promised I’d never give up and keep trying to expose Dulce Base.

In April 1991, Tom was living in Costa Rica, working in an underground facility near the border of Panama, when a 7.5 earthquake devastated the area. Since that day, I’ve never heard from Tom.

I have all his letters, my hand written notes regarding the box and materials buried in Arizona, and a determination to fulfill my promise to my best friend. I've ignored the snide remarks, the personal death threats and have a strong will power to do what is right, at any cost.
AG: Are you at liberty to tell us what agency Castello work for when he served as head of Security at Dulce? I was also under the understanding that Castello lived in Santa Fe during the period of the Dulce conflict. If he did indeed live in Santa Fe at the time, is it possible he gained access to the Dulce Base through an entrance in Santa Fe? The reason I’m curious about this is due to the difficulty people have had finding an actual entrance to the Dulce Base in the area of Archuleta Mesa on the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation. This, in addition to rumors I have heard that there actually is an entrance to Dulce in Santa Fe.
CH: Maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t think to specifically ask Tom the name of the agency he worked for at Dulce Base, and I don’t recall anyone else has asked that question - but that is an excellent question. However, other than knowing it is part of the RAND Corporation holdings I can’t help you. I did a brief search in Tom’s letters, and I didn’t find that information, I’m sorry.
Yes, Tom and Cathy had a home in Santa Fe – the spacious rancho-style dwellings on ½ acre lots made the workers comfortable, knowing the neighbors also worked Dulce Base or for at Los Alamos facilities. And of course, it makes it easier for the organization to keep an eye on the workers. Most of the Dulce workers live in or near Santa Fe.
You are correct Adam, when the Dulce conflict occurred Tom lived in Santa Fe, and traveled through Los Alamos to Dulce Base. With no exception, all workers entered Dulce Base through the underground shuttle terminal at Los Alamos. I’m certain you are familiar that Santa Fe and Los Alamos are close-by, roughly a short 30 minute drive apart, and many of the workers carpool. Although a few people visit the town of Dulce, New Mexico, hoping to find the few ventilator shafts down to Dulce Base, their chance of finding these vents are next to impossible to find. Determined searchers that stumble across the vents would be surprised to find security cameras to Dulce Base, not to mention the motion sensors – followed by angry armed guards.
In 1987-1988 I posted instructions to five entrances to the vents I heard from Tom. But I’m sure those entrances were blocked or sealed shortly after I posted them. These people intend to keep the Base secret – by any methods required.
To the best of my knowledge there is no direct entrance to Dulce Base; the workers depend on the Los Alamos direct shuttle to Dulce.
AG: You mentioned photos that came out of the Dulce Base, but to date I’ve only seen one photo, which depicts the vats that were on level 7 where the genetic experiments were allegedly performed. This is the photo that was distributed by researcher Tal Levesque. Was this photo given to Tal by Tom Castello? I understand that Tal and Castello were neighbors in Santa Fe, so perhaps it was during that period Tal received this infamous photo? Or did you share the photo with Tal?
CH: I can only confirm that to the best of my knowledge, yes Tom Castello met Tal Levesque and provided that photo.
Back in April 1979, I visited both Mr. & Mrs. Levesque and Mr. & Mrs. Castello and spent a few days visiting them, both couples lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico. At the time, both Tom and Tal accepted positions as security workers.
I’ve known Mr. & Mrs. Levesque since 1975, over the years we shared an incredible amount of information, documents & photos. I do know that Tom trusted Tal to release information and it seems to me that Tom visited Tal a few times in California.
AG: Do you intend to release any of the Dulce photos or other materials that Castello passed on to you, or will those remain buried in Arizona? Also, you mentioned certain occult aspects of Dulce which you could not discuss. Are there any occult aspects of Dulce you can discuss?
CH: For several years, I have considered sharing the information found in that buried box in Arizona with the right person or group of people – those people must have with the natural intelligence to make sure the box of material and proof goes to the right research team. The ‘right people must make sure Tom’s Flash Gun does not fall into the wrong hands. That weapon has incredible power; on the highest setting the Flash Gun can totally disintegrate any human, animal, plant or other object in its path, leaving only a minimum residue to mark its original position. The weapon vaporizes anything, a human, a car, anything, with no limits. According to Tom Castello, the only exception is certain forms of quartz. Tom passed away before he could fully explain that exception, and why quartz is powerless against the Flash Gun.
The documents, diagrams, letters and photographs include undisputed proof of living aliens that co-inhabit planet Earth, and I consider it is vital that information like that needs to remain free information, and must not be blocked or sold to any person or country.
Regarding certain occult information in Dulce Base, I must be very careful here, due to an oath I signed to never reveal sensitive classified information, under the penalty of incarceration or death. Although they used coercion to gain my signature, the document remains a binding legal document. I signed that oath in 1980, and since that date, I’ve been very careful not to risk breaking that oath. With that in mind I can only state that in Dulce Base there is a strong occult connection that affects the highest governmental offices in every country, worldwide. The Dracon Leaders are master occultists, and to the average ‘man-on-the-street’ on the surface of planet Earth, the Leaders are real magicians or more like the Magi. They have mastered atomic material, and can walk through walls, levitate and can use bi-location at will. Aside from that, I can’t offer a better explanation. But if you are wise, you can read my message and understand a hidden message.
AG: Can you tell me about the book project you are working on?
CH: I’d be glad to discuss my book Adam! The book I am about to be publish focuses on the last week Tom worked at Dulce Base, ending on the fatal conflict known as the Dulce Wars.

That version is a fictional story, based in truth, exposes the little known work conditions and Tom’s co-workers in that underground facility. Dulce Base information that has never been discussed anywhere will be revealed in this book. The story explains how the prying eyes of the public views Tom Castello, a high-ranking security technician, who secretly worked to sabotage the hybrid genetic experiments going on in an underground alien and human facility in New Mexico.

His co-workers include several men and women, both human and non-human. One of my favorite characters is a sexy widow, a seven-foot reptilian known as Ka-Adella, who never hides how she feels about Tom, and constantly attempts to seduce him.
This beautiful repton could break Tom in half with one hand, but instead she falls in love with him, and helps him escape during the Dulce Wars. Tom told me how she introduced him to other reptons that also wanted to end the genetic experiments, and how they hope to live on the surface of this world, as friends to the human race.
From how Tom and I became friends to how he discovered the horrid secrets hidden in the tunnels of Nightmare Hall is all exposed in my book. I found a publisher, and hope to have my book on the market very soon.
AG: Sounds great, Cherry, I look forward to reading the book. Thanks for the interview!


  1. (cherry hinkle, its not his real name) is fraud, working with U.S goverment, CIA spreading disinformation all over the place, dont ever believe her !!!

  2. (cherry hinkle, its not his real name) is fraud, working with U.S goverment, CIA spreading disinformation all over the place, dont ever believe her !!!

  3. Cherry Hinkle is her Real Name and She is a Real Person. Her Husband passed away in 2013: