Sunday, August 4, 2013

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I'm not exactly sure what year this abduction took place although I think it was in 1995 during the late fall or early winter.  This was at a period in my life when I was beginning to have full, conscious recall of my encounters with alien beings.  About midnight or a little later I took my new puppy dog out to the back yard to pee and poop.  It was raining and not fun to stand around waiting for Pushka to find the perfect spot, as dogs are inclined to do.  The next thing I remember was ending up in a room full of people -- I'd guess about three to four dozen -- some wearing pajamas, others in night gowns, underwear and some unclothed.  At least I had pulled on some pants to go outside.  For some reason my first impression was that maybe this was a bus station, but there was a lot of moaning and crying coming from the people milling around in a disoriented state.  Many were asking what was going on but nobody, including me, seemed to know.

The lighting in this room was from a limited number of spot lights.  I also recall that there was an area over to one side where people who were too traumatized to even stand upright were placed in a holding pen.  [Actually, now that I think of it, maybe they became violent and were drugged into an unconscious state?]  This area had a lower ceiling and I could see by the ambient light that the roof and walls looked like they were roughly carved out of dark rock.  There were roped off corridors set up in one area of this room to guide the traffic of people in a certain direction, not too different from herding cattle to the slaughter house.  This reticulated flow was toward a doorway that led into another part of the building and one by one the people in this group were taken to this room.  Eventually it was my turn and I stood in front of a human man and a woman who wore white lab coats over black clothing.  Holding a clip board with some kind of attached list, the woman asked me some questions to verify my identity.  She spoke in English and had a stern tone of voice. 

I recall demanding to know what was going on and refused to answer any questions until some of my questions were answered.  This didn't go down too well, and a rather nasty back-and-forth ensued until a tall guy came over and jammed the needle of a hypodermic syringe into my arm.  The next thing I recall was lying flat on my back on an exam table, with my skeletal muscles paralyzed.  I was still somewhat conscious but sedated.  A small screen had been placed just above my waist, effectively making it impossible for me to see what was taking place at the 'business' end of things.  There were bright spot lights illuminating an otherwise dark room and judging by what I saw when I first walked into this room there were several other tables set up with people lying on them.  It was a very strange and frightening situation.

At some point the sedation wore off enough (I inherited a robust liver) that I could begin to vocalize, even though I still didn't have enough muscle control to move my arms or legs.  I let out a trial shriek then let go with one of my customary profanity-laced ululations demanding to know what the f*** was going on.  Apparently this demand surprised the 'doctor' who was doing something to my nether parts and I saw a human head stick out from behind the small partition for a brief moment.  This was quickly replaced by a cardboard cutout of an alien head for me to stare at.   By this time in my life I had been able to recall the appearance of enough Gray aliens and other types to know that this crudely made fake alien was a ruse intended to make me think I had been abducted by aliens, rather than by humans messing around with innocent people.

The next morning I woke up thinking I had a very strange dream about being in a bus or train station with a lot of confused people walking around.  My right arm hurt and I was surprised to see a dark purple colored bruise on my right arm just behind the wrist.  This bruise was the shape and size of a thumb print and my vague recollection was that someone had grabbed my arm in a vice-like grip in order to get me under control and pull me along.

As an aside, I think that somehow in the abduction process my puppy dog, Pushka, was along for the ride, so to speak.  My recall is that I was tired of standing out in the pouring down rain and picked up the dog to take her back inside.  What is interesting, in my estimation, is that since that event she looked up to the sky when airplanes or helicopters flew overhead.  She barked ferociously even at commercial aircraft flying at high altitude.  One of my neighbors noticed this and thought it was unusual for a dog to look up to the sky and bark at aircraft.  For a second or two I thought about saying that my dog and I had been abducted by 'aliens' but decided to change the subject to more prosaic topics.

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