Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday, June 07, 2013

Reader Submission: A 'Shadow Person' Affected My Daughter

I received the following inquiry today:

Hi, Lon, I just wanted to tell you what happened the other night at our house and ask you if I did the right thing. If you want to print this, go ahead, just don’t use my name.

My 16 year old daughter has seen spirits ever since she was a young child. She doesn’t see them as much now, but she senses them still. She says there is what she calls a “ley line” in the corner of our living room, and spirits walk it a lot. They pass through the corner of our living room, but they don’t interact with her, although at times some of them know she is aware that they are there. Both of us see shadow people quite frequently around where we live – we live in a two story townhouse apartment.

Tuesday afternoon we were both in the kitchen. Our back doors are glass, and covered with mini blinds. We had the blinds pulled halfway up. We saw a shadow person zip onto our back porch, in the daytime, which startled us considerably. There was no person attached to the shadow, it zipped onto our porch, stood there for a few seconds, and zipped back off. I was standing by the door and yanked it open. All of the neighbors in the complex work during the day, so no one could have run into one of the other units, and there was no one running down the back path to get away.

Both my daughter and I felt incredibly nauseated then. I took an Alka Seltzer, which helped only a little bit. My daughter drank some Pepsi to try and settle her stomach. After about an hour I felt better, but my daughter didn’t. She continued to feel nauseated all day, plus her lower back began to hurt her dreadfully.

Wednesday, she was very quiet and out of sorts all day. She didn’t say much. She looked very depressed and unhappy. I asked her what was wrong several times, but she wouldn’t answer. We watched Haunted Collector and then started to watch Paranormal Witness on Syfy. During Paranormal Witness she began looking really depressed, and I got worried. I turned the show off and asked her what was wrong. She told me that ever since we saw that shadow person, she had felt sick, nauseated, worried, and fearful and her back was hurting really bad.

I didn’t know what to do – but I took her in the kitchen and I lit a white tea light candle. I put it on a plate and gave it to her. I told her to look at the light and imagine it filling her up. I stroked down her arms and legs, telling her that as I did she should imagine the light filling her. When she was able to imagine this, I took holy water and made small signs of the cross with it on her body. I then told her to imagine that the white light was around her and it was a shield. I told her to push it out of her body until it surrounded her, and to think of it as shielding her from any harm. She was able to do that. We stood there for a few more minutes. I said an Our Father and a Hail Mary. I then told her to blow out the candle. She did, and burst into tears. She said that when I touched the part of her back that was hurting with the holy water, she felt a shock, and it felt as if something left her body, and she felt much better. A few minutes later she stopped crying, said she wasn’t nauseated any more, and got something to eat. She was Ok and back to her own self by the time I went to bed.

What disturbs me is that this shadow person was strong enough to be seen in the day. Is that normal? And what did it do to her that she felt sick, had back pain, and was depressed for over a day? Is that normal? We’ve both seen shadow persons quite frequently. I think they feed on negative energy. The people who live next door to us fight amongst themselves and fight with their children quite frequently. I think their negative energy is drawing this stuff around, and since we are both susceptible to it, we are able to see the shadow persons it attracts. And of course living in a huge apartment complex also means that any negative energy around might draw these things in. This was the first time that one was able to physically affect her, though.

Anyway, do you have the answers to any of my questions about this particular shadow person? This is worrying me, since this particular one was out in the day, and the shadow was VERY dark and defined. It worries me that it seemed to be able to affect my daughter and even cause her pain. I need to know how to protect her from further harm by whatever these things are. And did I do the right thing by lighting the candle and anointing her with holy water? It did seem to help, but I wondered if I could have done anything more. It’s hard to think on your feet when confronted by a problem like this. B

NOTE: I contacted 'B' and gave her some answers and advice. For the most part, 'Shadow People' are malevolent entities that seek out the living...especially the young, the weak and the vulnerable. They are described as human shaped, sometimes wearing a hat ('Hatman' entity), and are rarely seen except for fleeting moments. They usually make themselves known to children, especially at night, while watching them sleep. These entities are dangerous. They possess the ability to excrete the 'life force' from the living over an extended period of time. If you are encountering these beings, please seek help!

Darkness Walks: The Shadow People Among Us

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