Saturday, June 8, 2013

Talking Sasquatch?

The following audio was recently posted by 'Sasquatch Ontario'. What's your assessment...could this be legit? I will say that some of the vocalization is very similar to what I heard during an outing in south central Pennsylvania (very near the northern end of Michaux State Park) in 1998.

Audio / Video - Sasquatch Acknowledged Witness By Name

We've been pressing for months for him to say Mike and this was the first visit where there was personal verbal acknowledgement. This accomplishment is due to persistence, patience and a mutual respect from both sides.

These sasquatch have never stopped moving forward in their curiosity and acknowledgement.

Each visit gives us new perspective, new experiences and new activity as there's always something different happening with each visit.

The last three visits have produced incredible historic audio which enables us to gain more perspective as we continually move forward.

This non evasive approach is once again proving to be significant in it's simplicity.

Treat them with respect and the experiences are life changing.

There's much more to this species than being just another animal. They're so much more. One just has to listen to these vocalizations with an open perspective and see that we're dealing with something so unique that killing even one is just wrong.

Sasquatch aren't like us, but they're people.

NOTE: I have followed this user from awhile now. I believe much of the video is coming from southern Ontario in areas that substantial Sasquatch activity has been noted by well as several of my readers. Lon

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